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Magento 2.0 Framework Design for York University
Developed Magento Website for Maple Leaf
Providing Magento 2 Support for Magna
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Installed Magento 2 Extensions for Score-Promotions

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Decision makers can rest assured their Magento development projects are in good hands thank to Company's highly skilled migration experts and planning processes. A summary can be found below:
1. Pre-migration Consultation

1. Pre-migration Consultation

Our Magento developers figure out how migration to Magento 2.0 or development with Magento 2.0 fits into your business goals. Platina IT then develops a strategy on the most seamless and efficient approach possible.

4. Custom Code and Magento 1.0 Extension Migration

4. Custom Code and Magento 1.0 Extension Migration

Platina IT redevelops all custom code and custom extensions to ensure there will be no compatibility issues with new magento 2.0 installations.

2. Database Migration

2. Database Migration

Platina IT's proficient migration team prepares and safely moves your Magento 1.0 databases (Basic SEO values, configurations, sales data, etc.) to new Magento 2.0 framework using a Data Migration Tool.

5. Content and Web Design Migration

5. Content and Web Design Migration

Once the backbone of your web infrastructure has been migrated, our design team will move in to recreate or redesign your projects for optimal compatibility with Magento 2.0

3. SEO Risk Mitigation

3. SEO Risk Mitigation

Custom SEO extensions and configurations are recreated. New SEO strategies that take advantage of Magento 2.0 are developed. Platina IT's accountability ensures a successful transition of the whole eCommerce project.

6. Post Magento 2.0 Migration Support

6. Post Magento 2.0 Migration Support

Platina IT provides 90 day complimentary support services for all our development projects, an industry best! Additional support is available.


What we Offer as your Preferred Web Development Solution Provider

Thorough Training and Knowledge Transfer

We ensure our clients are self-sufficient and can comfortably manage their e-commerce offerings.

Complimentary 90-Days Support

An industry best! We provide an additional 60 days of support compared to leading competitors.

FREE Branding Services

Our designers help build more than just an online store, we build brands.

Delivering Versatile eCommerce Solutions with Magento 2.0

Platina IT has helped hundreds of businesses successfully kick-start their eCommerce initiatives using Magento. We hope to help hundreds more find success with magento 2.0!

Security, Performance, and Modern technologies

Our existing clients are upgrading to Magento 2.0 to take advantage of all of these improvements and many more!


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With Platina IT your development process is seamless and easy! Decades of experience assures we know of all the headaches clients want to avoid. That's why we developed custom project management tools for our clients to take advantage of. Tools like the Platina Development Dashboard which makes it easy to keep up with progress on your project in real-time, and provide regular feedback/updates to keep things on track.